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Event starts on : Jul 29, 2023 7:30 PM

Event ends on : Jul 30, 2023 10:56 PM

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Rules and Regulation

1. Eligibility • The Pinoy Bowler’s Club (PBC) invites members and non-members (All Filipino) to participate in the 9 Pin No Top Masters 2023. This championship is organized by the Pinoy Bowler’s Club (PBC) supported by Ibowl Utama Bowling Center, Only One Category, are introduce this year’s edition. • Non-Filipino bowlers are allowed if you are any of the following: o Spouse of a Filipino o Either parent is a Filipino Note: Proof of the above must be shown upon registration (e.g., Marriage Certificate, Birth Certificate)

2. Format Qualifiers: Games are of a 9-pin no top format and a regular 10-pin format. Finals: All games in the master finals are in the 9-pin tap format.

3. Averages Averages will be based on PBC /during this period (PBC Averages after Session 8). An entrant who has no established averages must produce written confirmation of their averages from another bowling center or group.

4. Venue All qualifications and finals will be held at Ibowl Utama Bowling Center. 5. Registration Fees/Mq Fees/ Final Fee/Membership Fee Tournament

Registration Fee =BND$20 (for PBC members = BND$15).

Master Qualifying (mq) Fee = BND$ND25 (for PBC Members = BND$23).

Final Fee 10 Games = BND$100 (for PBC Members = BND$80).

Joining Fee = BND$10 9 Pin PBC T-Shirt = BND$ 25 (Additional +5 during the Final Event)

6. Handicap


180 & above = 0

179 – 166 = 3

165 – 150 = 8

149 – 130 = 12

129 & below = 15


180 & above = 5

179 – 165 = 10   

164 – 150 = 15

149 – 130 = 20

129 & below = 25 


Men/Women over 50 years of age = +5 Women = +5 5. Events (Qualifying with Finals) Qualifying will commence on July 23, 2023. 3 games will be bowled in this event. An entrant may bowl as many times as he/she chooses and will be closed on Saturday, 10 February 2024 for the category at 10:00 pm. The best two Attempts (total 6 games) from the 9-pin no tap format and the best one Attempt (total 3 games) from the regular 10-pin regular format will be listed for ranking.

- The top 21 from the ranking list will qualify for the Finals.

- 2 players a male and female bowler from the qualified players (has completed a 3-game series) who is not in the top 21 but has the most times of joining the event will be given the 22nd and 23rd spot. - The 24th spot will be given to a player from the qualified players who is not in the top 21 and is the winner of the last fun bowl game before the Finals. (Desperado)

- The Top 5 (Men and Women) qualifiers and Top 3 Women qualifiers will each receive a cash voucher.

 February 11, 2024 (Final Event)

• Registration 9:00-9:45 am

• Call Reserve 9:46 am

• Roll Off 10:00 am Sharp

• Game Play with a Total of 10 Games, Every 2 Games players will move; Left players to the left, Right player to the Right.

• After The game, Top 6 Players will play on the Stepladder o 1 st Stepladder (1 Game)

▪ 6 th vs 5 th vs 4 th o 2 nd Stepladder (1 Game)

▪ Winner, 3rd vs 2 nd o Final Match (1-2 Games)

▪ Winner VS 1st (Twice to beat)

Stepladder Rules

  ▪ In Case of a Tie, high position will automatically winner and proceed to another stepladder match.

  ▪ The Winner after kick off games have to beat top seed (No.1) twice to win the title “9 PIN NO TOP MASTERS”

  ▪ Final match of Tie Breaker will remove frame 8/9/10 then bowl again.

▪ For the losers, their position is determined by their position after the 10 games regardless of their score on the stepladder game, example for 6th , 5 th and 4 th . If 5 th is the winner, and the 6th position is higher than 4th position after the game, 4th place will go down by 1 position, and the 6th will remain in that position.

6. Prize Structure


Champion     Trophy + Cash Voucher BND$ 550.00

1st Runner Up Trophy + Cash Voucher BND$ 350.00

2nd Runner Up Trophy + Cash Voucher BND$ 250.00

3rd Runner Up  Medal + Cash Voucher BND$ 200.00

4th Runner Up  Medal + Cash Voucher BND$ 150.00

5th Runner Up  Medal + Cash Voucher BND$ 100.00

6th Runner Up  Medal + Cash Voucher BND$ 90.00

7th Runner Up  Medal + Cash Voucher BND$ 80.00

8th Runner Up  Medal + Cash Voucher BND$ 70.00

9th Runner Up  Medal + Cash Voucher BND$ 60.00

10th -24th Runner up Medal Only Top Qualifiers (Men and Women)                                         

Position Prize

Top 1 Cash Voucher BND$ 150.00

Top 2 Cash Voucher BND$ 100.00

Top 3 Cash Voucher BND$ 80.00

Top 4 Cash Voucher BND$ 60.00

Top 5 Cash Voucher BND$ 40.00

Top Women Qualifiers

Top 1 Cash Voucher BND$ 100.00

Top 2 Cash Voucher BND$ 80.00

Top 3 Cash Voucher BND$ 60.00

7.1 Tie – Breaking Procedure 7.1 When a tie occurs in the prize positions, the tiebreaker shall be determined by the player with the smaller handicap winning.

7.2 If a tie still exists, players with the smallest different series shall be the winner. 8.

Special Notes

8.1 The committee reserves the right to accept or reject any entry whom they deem fit.

8.2 Any matters arising and not covered in this competition shall be decided by the committee whose decision shall be final.

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