Ti-Nations Brunei vs Laos Eat and drink

Event Date : Sep 27, 2022, Event Start time: 4:00 PM

Event Details

We would like to announce everyone that we are having a "Promo Nasional" where tickets for the upcoming match between Brunei Darussalam and Laos (27/9/2022) will be sold at $5 each.

This is part of our effort to allow all Bruneians to come and support the national team live at the Padang Balapan -- and to give moral support to the players who will be donning the badge and play for our beloved nation next Tuesday.

In addition to the promo:

Children below 16 years old will be given free entrance.

All those who have bought the tickets for $10 earlier are entitled for a second ticket, which can be taken during collection (please present your purchased tickets).

Seats are limited, it will a first come first serve basis.

Wear your colors to show which teams your support. Let us all come and support our team together!


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