Graffiti artists to make mark in Jakarta (15.09.2022)
 Posted on : Sep 16, 2022, 10:16AM   17 total views  Category : Local News

BY Izah Azahari

Seven graffiti artists from Guerrilla Artchitects (GA) flew off to Jakarta, Indonesia yesterday to take part in the two-day King Royal Pride 2022 graffiti event organised by Diton King from September 17 to 18.


GA artist Mad Nycer said they will be representing Brunei and participate alongside international artists at the event.


“GA were invited to be part of the event because we are the distributors of Diton King paint in Brunei, so we look forward to networking and learning from other artists at the event,” added Mad Nycer.


He added that after a long hiatus from travelling for events, the group feels honoured to have been invited and is looking forward to meeting new and long-time graffiti artists.


“Graffiti art is much more than what people typically think of like vandalism. Now it’s a culture in itself where we connect with people from around the world and it’s good for us in terms of not only business, but knowledge sharing as well,” added the artist.


The King Royal Pride 2022 will see international graffiti artists from 60 cities and 18 provinces come together, totalling some 800 ‘writers’ to paint on 70 walls.


-- Courtesy of Borneo Bulletin