Helo RAYA promo (04.2022)
 Posted on : Apr 25, 2022, 2:10PM
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JOYSBIO & ABON SAPI GLORIA Promo with Lucky draw green packet



WIN Helobn  RAYA GREEN PACKET LUCKY DRAW when you buy our ABON SAPI or JOYSBIO Ramadhan flash SALE from our Instagram or helobn.com Shoutout!

DM us here (Instagram) for purchase


Use our Helobn.com Shoutout "ABON36" (for abon sapi) and "JOYSBIO55"


Deadline for FLASH SALE , 14th MAY 2022!!


Once you post your Shoutout, screenshot it and Whatsapp screenshot to us at 8112727,

for confirmation of your participation and your contact details. 


Winners will be announced End of May 2022!

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